From breeding farm to cheese factory,
all under control.

The great value of the raw materials for the dairy industry offered by Alpicom is a combination of maximum safety and high quality.
An excellence that is recognized and made possible as the company controls and tests the whole production chain, from the collection of milk at farms and stables to the final shipment.

01. Dairy farms

High quality milk for human consumption and for the production of PDO Grana Padano and Asiago cheese come from selected farms and breeding farms in the Veneto region. The careful selection of producers approved by Alpicom in line with strict standards of good breeding practice, productive capacity and reliability, are the first step to guarantee the highest quality product. An heritage of values also confirmed by long lasting and loyal relationships.

02. Milking

We daily collect only milk milked by traditional or robotic systems cooled to 4°C, diversifying the supply from two to four milkings depending on customers’ demand.

03. On-farm milk testing

Our milk is subject to “passing a test” when it is still in the milk farm.
Alpicom, as first purchaser and FBO (food business operator) carries out the of milk directly at the supplying farms. Further in-depth analyses are carried out by external laboratories operating within and accredited by the NHS.

04. Milk collection

For milk collection Alpicom relies on selected transport companies with specific and proven experience to guarantee a daily, widespread and top quality service. Procurement contracts are granted according to terms and specifications in compliance with the highest standards, Liquids are always collected through the use of special pipes for foodstuffs. Transport and collection routes are planned according to the production area and based also on the different PDO (protected designations of origin).

05. Arrival at the plant

Reception and taking over of collected milk, awaiting analysis, takes place at the Alpicom plant where strict testing procedures from tank sampling to farm documents and weighing are carried out.

06. Testing on arrival

Alpicom takes this very delicate transitional phase of the process very seriously. Tank milk is sampled in the in-house modern laboratory by highly specialized internal personnel who carries out microbiological tests (inhibitors: CHARM MRL rapid test, alpha toxins: MRL AFQ rapid test, acidity of foodstuff, bacteriological analysis) and the evaluation of quality parameters such as fat, protein, freezing point.

07. Milk unloading

Once testing is complete, milk is cooled to a temperature below 4°C and transferred from tanks to the temporary storage reservoir waiting to be processed and sorted.

08. Milk processing

At this phase of the process, milk takes its final form: it turns into the type of product required by customers, through standardization by skimming or pasteurisation. This procedure enables the production of pasteurized whole milk, skimmed and partially skimmed milk or cream and milk creams with different fat content ranging from 20% to 45% (other concentrations are available on customer request).

09. Storage

Raw materials thereby obtained are preserved thanks to highly technological procedures and equipment in compliance with the highest efficiency and safety standards. Processed milk by-products are conserved in modern numbered and insulated reservoir tanks equipped with cooling systems and marked with isothermal performance and cooling temperature maintenance certification.

10. Loading and shipment

Final operations at Alpicom are the most critical and important. Products for cheese factories and dairies are shipped in tanks carefully cleaned, sanitized , checked and sealed prior to departure on a basis of four processing orders per week.