Hygiene, work, environment.
A profound culture of quality.

A good product is primarily a product of good quality.
In the food industry, where the values at stake are extremely important, a good product is mainly the result of optimum procedures and the commitment of capable people. This is why safety, training and constant attention to the environment are resolutely pursued daily.
Our Quality System is the flagship of the Alpicom production and marketing philosophy.

Food Safety

The guarantees provided by Alpicom on food safety far exceed all expectations. Procedures and environments are regularly tested and classified by accredited certification institutes.

We have recently been awarded the certificate of conformity to the following standards:

  • UNI EN ISO 22000 /2005 issued by CSQA in 2012 and renewed until 2018.
  • UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 issued by CSQA in 2012 and renewed until 2018.

On receiving this certification Alpicom released a new ‘In-house Quality and Safety Management Integrated System’ (SIQS) Manual.
This is a comprehensive and efficient control system, based on and achieved through consistent and considerable investments, which includes approx. 15.000 tests to be carried out each year and which is strictly observed right from the early stages of processing. These include:

  • choice of suppliers
  • maximum hygiene in all areas of the plant as well as containers and vehicles and during transport and storage operations
  • use of the in-house laboratory for testing
  • selection and cooperation with outside laboratories
  • suitability and conformity of the production unit, a state-of-the-art plant in every sense
  • control of processes and all phases of production in conformity with a specific plan which culminates with the frequent and regular sanitisation of all plants and equipment.
  • a correct and thorough training of personnel

Safety at Work

Alpicom implements and constantly updates all measures needed to ensure personnel in-house safety at work. This plan is implemented by the adoption of work risk-mitigation measures – starting from lifelines with level III equipment – and with a continuous and intensive training to all employees involved in any kind of task. Alpicom Quality System recently achieved the “Lavoro Sicuro” (“Safety at Work”) certification of compliance with the UNI Inail Guidelines.


Alpicom’s training programme is something to be proud of. The careful organization of in-house professional training and updating courses are held by qualified staff while external training programmes are held by Confindustria (Italian Industries Association), specific university faculties, the Red Cross and highly specialized institutions.

The variety, thoroughness and frequency of the training events in addition to the standards required by law ensure that our employees achieve and maintain a higher level of standards than the average in this sector.
Food safety, safety at work and evironmental safety: the practical and theoretical training is focused on the aspects related to the legislation, hygiene and management of the specific activity and is always supervised by an internal manager.

Environmental Policy

Alpicom daily commits itself to finding solutions and ways to monitor and reduce the environmental impact of its activities. This is a choice motivated by the company’s awareness that a clean, healthy and biologically diverse ecosystem, beyond being so essential for life, is capable of producing safe, high-quality and health-promoting products.

These are exactly the type of products Alpicom deals with and offers its markets daily. This is why our efforts aim to:
  • Use procedures and techologies which reduce the interaction with the environmet and the territory.
  • Use energy resources and raw materials in an efficient and rational way.
  • Optimise waste recovery.
  • Apply the best working techniques.
  • Train and raise the awareness of our employees on environmental policies.