Commerce in Milk and Dairy Products.
Where it all began,
where we are now.

Nutrition is always a complex and delicate sector. In order to be able to market milk, whey, cream and curds successfully and with authority, an in-depth knowledge of territories and production processes, the ability to control the whole productive chain and a meticulous attention to preservation and hygiene standards are all essential.

On this basis, Alpicom was founded in 1999, on the strength of many years of experience in the transportation and logistics of milk and by-products of its founders.
Today, the company is the preferred point of reference for the supply of raw materials to large and small cheese producers and companies producing and marketing dairy products.
Given its high specialization, in 2007 Alpicom consolidated its business by joining forces under the same name with a company responsible for the direct collection of milk from the stables of dairy farms.
An all-round and self-sufficient partner for the marketing of foodstuffs such as raw milk, whey and milk derivatives, for both large and small businesses and small local dairies and handmade or industrial cheese factories. A partner that has won itself a notable market position thanks to the guaranteed quality of every aspect of product, delivery and services combined with punctuality and reliability.

Mission & Philosophy

Old principles for modern-day challenges.

Our capacity to continue growing with you and to know how to timely and dynamically meet your needs is based on and reinforced by everyday choices and commitment.
That’s why our work is based on three core values: reliability, organization and market.

  • We believe in organization and customer service.

    We like to respect timetables and honour agreements in terms of quantity and quality. We do our very best to satisfy any request.
    Special attention to procedures is another milestone for us: we are firmly committed to a continuous improvement of our quality control, staff training, premises suitability and vehicle cleaning and maintenance. We are pleased to daily share with our employees the willingness to work and the use of well-established good practices.
  • Reliability is our main target.

    We guarantee the products (i.e. milk, cream and whey) we market and control the whole chain.
    We carefully select the supplying farms and the raw materials collected according to the highest standards.
  • We are very responsive to the market.

    We constantly develop new services and practices, thereby improving our operating procedures day by day, year after year.


At the forefront for safety and efficiency.
Where we operate.

We work for you, to ensure that the milk, whey and cream delivered to you are always of excellent quality in terms of taste, wholesomeness and safety and organoleptic and nutrional properties. This is why our business location is so important.

The newly built Alpicom is one of the most modern and technologically advanced facilities in Italy in terms of efficiency, equipment and organization.
Other features include:
  • a well-equipped processing room for the heat treatment and standardization of milk
  • an high-tech CIP cleaning system
  • an in-house laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment for acceptance, storage and transport checking.


Expertise, training and synergy.
Our team at your sevice.

The best quality products and services always come from a tight-knit and qualified team made up of highly skilled individuals.

Starting with our purchase department and sales network all the way up to the accounting department and sales managers we can count on a professional work team carefully selected and constantly updated thanks to a special in-house training programme.
Tests and analyses are carried out every day by expert technicians coming from specialized university departments.
Our employees are our main force and represent Alpicom’s most valuabe guarantee to its customers.